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So, you are well on your way to a brand new life. Some people call it wedded bliss while others call it the paradise. Let us be one of the first to say congratulations, we wish you all the best. But before you get to that new land, you have a whole wedding to plan. And the more you look at whats ahead, the more you realize that this may be beyond your skill level and your time availability. It is enough to make your head spin when you consider all of the moving parts and deadlines. Then there are all of your wedding vendors that you need to search for and then hire. And what do you know about each one of those arenas? We don't blame you if you are thinking you might need some help. And the most sensible thing you could do is to seek out a professional wedding planner to guide you and to take off much of the burden of pulling off a wedding. So, now the question becomes, how do you find the right one? The best way that we know of is to conduct good old fashioned interviews of those candidates you think are potentially worthy of being involved in your wedding. We have included the questions to pose below. So now, your next step is to search the San Francisco area for some potential planners. Then make sure you get some answers.

Once you have a nice working list of planners in the San Francisco area to consider, sit down with each one and discuss your wedding needs. Pose the same questions to each candidate. Have a chat about what exactly a planner does. You may not completely understand yourself and this is a great chance to get a better understanding. A high quality planner takes care of so many details that sometimes you are not even aware of how much has been taken off of your shoulders.

What kind of packages do they offer? Make sure you understand what level of services will be provided for said price. Talk about your vision and get their ideas about what packages might work best for you. Are there tasks that you would like to handle yourself or is it better that you let your planner take control of everything. Discuss this and come to an agreement. Ask them how they would rate their problem solving skills. Are they a good communicator? This is absolutely essential because you are going to be communicating quite a bit over the next few months and you want to make sure that you are able to understand each other.

What kind of experience do they have? What made them become a wedding planner in the first place? Are they certified and licensed? Where did they receive their training? Have they ever planned a wedding similar to yours in terms of size and style? Do they feel comfortable with your wedding size? Make sure that they do this full-time so they will have ample time to devote to you and your wedding plans. Do they work with a support team or alone? Do they have a preferred vendor list? Most planners have them. The question is are you forced to hire one of the vendors on their list. And if you do, will you get a discount? Will they fit into your budget? How can they help you save money so you do? Once you have all of this great information gathered, you should be able to compare all of your interviewees and make an educated choice.

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