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Albany, California

Hamro Aangan

856 San Pablo Ave, Albany, CA 94706
Sporting a fantastic, relaxing atmosphere, Hamro Aangan is a delicious restaurant where you can grab some of the most delicious, authentic Indian food around, as well as Himalayan and Nepalese cuisine dishes. They prepare all of their food with the highest quality of ingredients possible, and each of their dishes are prepared with traditional recipes that are sure to delight. They have an amazing selection of spiced meat and delicious vegetarian dishes, so there are all sorts of people that can enjoy a meal there. They also avoid all creams and nuts, so anyone with those common allergies can also enjoy a meal there without any fear.

Suzette Crepe Cafe

1226 Solano Ave, Albany, CA 94706
Specializing in fantastic and diverse crepes, Suzette Crepe Cafe is a versatile and beloved restaurant in the heart of Albany. They always feature more than 20 types of crepes at a time, from sweet Nutella crepes to more savory crepes like the New York crepe with ham, swiss cheese, and scrambled eggs. You can also create your very own crepes utilizing their many delicious and fresh ingredients, as well as recommendations from their skilled staff. Don't forget to grab a drink of their delicious, steam espresso drinks, coffee, or teas. All of which complement any crepe splendidly!

Oori Rice Triangles

1247 Solano Ave, Albany, CA 94706
One of the best places to grab unigiri in all of California, you will not regret stopping into Oori Rice Triangles. They really get the whole unigiri thing right. Their rice is soft and flavorful and delicious, all of their ingredients are fresh and will make your mouth water upon even seeing them, and the service there is quick and friendly. The atmosphere at Oori Rice Triangles is fantastically cozy and casual. You will feel comfortable coming here on a casual lunch on your own, or for a light date with your beloved significant other. This is one of the cutest and funnest spots in all of Albany, without a doubt.

Potala Organic Cafe

1045 San Pablo Ave, Albany, CA 94706
Featuring a menu of seasonal dishes that utilize organic and locally sourced ingredients, you can't go wrong with Potala Organic Cafe. Sure, they are a completely vegetarian and vegan establishment, but that does not mean that carnivores can't enjoy it as well. Everything there at Potala Organic Cafe is so fantastic that you will wonder why you ever eat meat at all! They have a fantastic assortment of flavorful dishes with each and every meal such as soup, rice, legumes, greens, mixed vegetables, and a salad. You will simply fall in love with this quaint cafe!

Tacos El Autlense

601 San Pablo Ave Ste 2, Albany, CA 94706
One of the greatest food trucks in all of the state of California, Tacos El Autlense is an established favorite of the residents and tourists of the Albany area, without a doubt. You won't be able to mention the term "authentic Mexican food" without a resident of the Albany area shouting out the name of Tacos El Autlense. They have absolutely remarkable tacos at an absolutely unreal price. $1.50 for a taco, that taste a hundred times better than the big chain alternative. Tacos El Autlense is a no brainer, you have to try it!


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