A little Q&A with Limo Oakland

We've gone ahead and compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions that our staff is asked here at Limo Oakland. That said if you find that your questions or concerns are not listed on the page, we ask that you to contact us with specifics about what you're looking to know. We have a staff of knowledgeable people standing by ready to answer your calls and e-mails.

We do not allow smoking of any kind on our limos. Cigarette and cigar generally causes additional cleaning for our limos and causes them to be damaged (burning, fires, etc). Therefore we cannot allow smoking of any kind. We do, however, offer unlimited 'comfort stops.' These stops allow guests to stretch their legs, grab some food, use the rest room, or smoke a cigarette amongst other things.

We don't see why not! The whole reason of having somebody else drive you is so you can enjoy yourself with no responsibility for an entire evening! If that includes alcohol then we suggest you stock up because we're ready for you. If you are of over the age of 21, we do not see a reason as to why you can't drink on our limos.

As you agreed to when you booked your vehicle, we don't for cancellations for any reason at any time. When you schedule your vehicle with us you're disallowing us from renting it to other interested customers and that is not fair to them or us. We expect all clients to be responsible for their end of the agreement by paying for the service that they agreed to pay for.

Overages are easy. You booked your limo at an hourly price that you previously agreed to and over time is billed at that exact same rate. The only difference is that it is billed every 15 minutes. At first glance it might seem as if you're going to pay an exorbitant rate. However, this is put in place to ensure that! If you go 25 minutes over, you will never pay for the full hour. You'll only pay for 15 minutes and that saves you money.

It is not hard at all! All you have to do is speak with our reservation specialists at 1-510-662-0510 and they will be thrilled to assist you within just a few minutes. It will not be long before you're all set up with an amazing limo to accompany an even better evening. In order to further streamline the process, we suggest checking out our pricing page for more detailed information on the booking process.

Need a price? Fill this out and we'll be right with you.

If you simply need to get a price quote for our transportation services for your big day... All you need to do is fill out this form completely & accurately. From there, one of our reservation specialists will reach out to you (more quickly than you'd imagine). Of course, you're also welcome to give us a call 24/7. Either way, we are always happy to hear from you!

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