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Unbeatable prices on party bus rentals!

The pricing at Limo Oakland fluctuates for a multitude of reasons. The first reason is the fact that there is a busy season and a slow season. Of course the fun doesn't stop there. We also have busy days and slow days which also affect pricing. We will say, however, that if a reservation is booked prior to a price change taking effect, you'll be locked in at that price no matter how much of an increase there may be. This ensures that booking in advance not only lessens the stress in your event planning but also enables you to save cash in the long run.

We should also note, a fantastic approach to spending less is to schedule in our off season. This allows vehicles to be rented at their lowest rate and, by far, offers you the ability to have a memorable trip with your family and friends. Call us by calling 1-510-662-0510 so you can find out if the VEHICLE that you want is free on the day of your choosing. Our reservation specialists are by the telephone waiting for your phone call so pick up the phone and call today! For Pricing in other areas to compare see Bakersfield Limo Prices or Limo Pricing El Paso TX

Helpful info that we need from you

  • Date / Time
  • Number of passengers
  • Pick up location
  • Tentative stops
  • Drop off time / location

When you call and have the formerly mentioned information handy, our reservation specialists will be able to give you an exact price quote on the costs involved in renting a limo or party bus from us. All of this information helps us narrow down what type of vehicle you need, what is available, and a few other tidbits of information. After only a few short minutes on the phone, a quick deposit (which goes toward your final cost!) we'll have you booked up and ready to roll down the road in your very own dance club on wheels!