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If you are considering hiring a private wait staff for your wedding, it is a fantastic idea. You probably have no idea where to begin, or how to evaluate companies. That is very understandable, after all it is a profession most of us know very little about. This simple guide was created to provide you the basic information necessary to hire a private wait staff company for your reception needs. The steps listed here will help make this an easy process.

The first thing you need to do is create a list of companies you may be interested in. Consider asking people you know for suggestions, or think of a an event you've been to where the bar tending service was impressive. You can also check online for local companies, which gives you the advantage of finding several customer reviews. This will help you keep the focus on reputable companies that consistently provide good service.

Once you've made a list of quality companies, call and ask about their pricing and availability on your wedding date. This allows you to narrow down the list further to the companies that are available and in budget. Now you need to begin gathering some background information on the remaining companies. This first thing you need to ask is about experience. The wait staff members should have at least six months prior experience. The wait staff does not need to have years and years of experience, but it is a plus. The more experienced the wait staff members are, the more likely you are to receive good service. Some good questions to ask to gather information goes as follows, do you have general liability insurance?, will you provide all of your own supplies?, how soon will the staff member arrive?, do you require a down payment?, what will the staff members be wearing? The final question you should ask is about gratuity. Will the gratuity be included in the total cost? If not, who will provide it? You can personally take care of it, or you can ask that your guests tip the wait staff and bartender.

All of the private wait staff companies are in competition for your business so it is important that you look around for the best deal. Keep your options open, it could end up saving you hundreds of dollars. The last step is to book the company you feel best meets your needs. A company may require that you sign a contract before working with you. Be sure to read it over carefully and make sure you understand and agree with the document before you sign it. Make sure it specifies the services, the number of bartenders, the total cost, etc. Don't sign a vague contract.

If you follow these steps you'll have an easy time determining which company will provide the best service for your wedding. You'll surely have an easy time with all the great companies to choose from!

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