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Have you ever baked a cake? Now you are ready to take it to the next level by finding a professional baker to make your wedding cake. But finding the right wedding cake baker in San Francisco will be a challenge because there are so many to pick from. Where do you even start your search? Your best plan of action is to start gathering information. Knowledge is power. And the more you know about the business of wedding cakes will help you to make an informed decision on who should be the one to bake your special cake. We would like to come alongside you and walk the path with you. So, we have provided some tips that we believe will go a long way in helping you find the baker that will create something very special for your wedding day.

The two objectives you want to keep in mind when you are on your mission is beauty and design on one hand and amazing taste on the other. There are bakers who schedule regular tastings of their cakes and fillings. For them, it provides feedback and exposure. For you, its a chance to experience what they can do and get to know them a bit. We recommend that you don't make any decisions without tasting samples. Usually, at these tasting events, you can ask questions which can be a great source of information for you when you sit down to compare. It is also a chance to get familiarized with the wedding cake industry and get to know what makes it tick.

When you have your meeting with a potential baker, make sure you have your wedding colors and design concepts with you. When you show these to the candidate, they should be able to draw out some ideas they have right on the spot for elements of a cake that would be a perfect fit. A professional baker will have expertise in terms of an overall design for your wedding where all of the pieces fit and no one piece looks out of place. Talk to your candidate about size. Based on how many guests you are going to have at your reception, they should be able to come up with the number of layers it will take to comfortably feed everyone.

Most of the time, the price you will be given is by the slice. A wedding cake is going to cost you anywhere from $1.50 to $12 per slice. Other things that can add to your cost include a complicated design, fondant icing, elaborate molded shapes, and handmade detailing. If you just have to have Fondant icing, consider saving in one of the other areas. One of the best ways to save is to have your baker make one small beautifully decorated cake that will serve as your official wedding cake. This is the one you can have pictures taken with. To feed your guests, order sheet cakes. This will save you a lot of money.

The way a wedding cake is displayed can be extremely important. Presentation can take a good looking cake and make it great. A lot of people take this for granted and it makes sense because its not something you normally have to consider. There are many issues that need to be considered here. The shape of the cake for one. Depending on the shape of your cake, you will need the right shaped table to make it look right in front of your guests. Also, even the size of the table can make a huge difference. Let your baker handle these issues, they are trained to do so and have expertise in all things wedding cakes. Wedding cakes have come a long way since the 1950s so don't feel like you are stuck in any rut. You can be as creative as you want to be. Think long and hard about your topping, it doesn't have to be traditional.

The two things that most guests at a wedding will remember long after the lights are turned out is the entertainment at the reception and what the cake looked and tasted like. When you find the right professional baker, you won't have to worry about the later. We hope we have been a part of the solution in finding this important piece of your wedding day.

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