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You can hardly contain your excitement. Your big day is coming quickly and you still have many plans to make. You probably have already taken notice that pulling off a wedding requires a lot of thought and a whole lot of effort. The more professionals that you get in the way of your wedding vendors, the better off you will be in terms of your wedding being a beautiful affair. You also want your own vision to come alive. And of course, you want to be sensitive to all of your guests. One big way in which you can do that is to hit the bulls-eye when you hire one of your most important vendors: your caterer. It has always been said that if your guests remember anything about your wedding, they will remember how the food was. The San Francisco area has some of the best wedding caterers in the world. Your task, which may not be easy but is certainly doable, is to find a high quality caterer that will provide amazing food while not causing you to rob a bank. The right caterer will have you and your guests sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying a tasty dinner that will have everyone smiling. This is one of the most important searches you will do throughout your wedding planning. Here are list of questions that you need to keep in mind as you talk to professional wedding caterers in the San Francisco area. The revealing answers that they give you will should cause one candidate to emerge as the caterer for your special day.

So, you are probably wondering. Where do you even find some candidates to interview in the first place. There is always what we call your inner circle of family, friends, and coworkers. First hand suggestions can be a really good start. Or there is also online wedding vendor websites that can show you how highly rated some local caterers are. Jot down a few that you want to talk to. Call up each one and see if they are available for your wedding date. For the ones that are available on your wedding date, setup a meeting so you can interview them. Find out what their specialty is. This is important because if it is the cuisine that you had in mind for your wedding, your guests might be in for a real treat.

We recommend that you don't hire anyone until you have tasted the food that they are capable of preparing. Ask about having a tasting setup. Of course, price is an issue with most people. Take a close look at all of the caterer's packages. Hopefully you find one that seems to fit your budget and the types of services that you need. Do they have a standard in terms of how many staff should work a wedding of a certain size? What is the difference in cost if the food is served or if it is setup buffet style? What other services do they offer? Will they serve your wedding cake? Will they be part of serving the alcohol or is that your responsibility?

Are they licensed? Make sure of this because if they are not, it means that they are not in good standing with the health department. Ask for references. Make sure you speak to them about how the caterer performs. Will they provide platters, trays, utensils, plates, trash cans, and other related items? Get these kind of details straight now. The answers that you get to all of these questions should give you real insight as to who you should hire. We know this sounds like a lot of work and it is. But you are better off to be safe that sorry when it comes to one of your most important hires.

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