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The list is very long, this we realize. There seems like there are so many details to take care of when it comes to planning and pulling off your wedding day. The San Francisco area has no shortage of amazingly talented and experienced wedding vendors. You think you are ready to try and tackle the need for flowers at your venues. You know what flowers you like, but whether they will actually work in your wedding design and with your colors you really have no idea. That is why you need an expert. Someone who designs flowers for weddings for a living. Flowers can be and should be a huge part of your wedding, they add a lot of flair and a very special touch. The key for you is how do you find a professional that you can work with, who will be able to do justice to your design vision?

We suggest that you meet with some local florists who have experience with doing weddings. Have a heart to heart with each one about what you like and what you don't like. If you have seen some designs that you really like in magazines or on the internet, make sure you bring them. Also, the florist should have catalogs that you can look through that will show you many and varied wedding design ideas. This can be a great source of inspiration and can help spark design concepts that you would like to explore with the designer. Remember, they will feed off of you. The more information you can provide to them, the more they will have to work with.

We realize that everyone does not have an unlimited source of funds to throw at every single wedding vendor you will hire. Sit down and decide what you think you can reasonable pay. When you meet with your potential florists, feel free to bring up your budget number to them. They will be able to tell you what can be done for close to your budget and how you can possibly save money. There are some things that you might want to do that will cost a lot more than others. You need to find out what they are.

Bring your color scheme for your wedding to any meeting you have with a potential florist. You want to make sure that the overall look of your wedding design looks coordinated and not out of joint. Your color scheme will help determine what kind of flowers it will be best to have at your wedding. Once that is determined, you will want to find out what in-season flowers will work for the colors you need. Again, this is where a professional florist and their expertise will come in handy.

We cannot stress enough that you need to do some real footwork in looking for your wedding florist. For the florists that you talk to and really like, ask for references. Make sure you call these references and ask how the process went and how it was to work with the florist personally. And speaking of personality, ask yourself if you actually like the candidate. Did they treat you respectfully and did they act with common courtesy and decency? You want the best of all possible worlds and there is no reason you should not have it. This is your special day and you want all of your decorations to look as amazing as possible and at the same time, you want to be able to enjoy your day as you look around and know that you put the hard work in that it takes to pull off a successful wedding. Once you gather all the pertinent information you possibly can from all of the candidates that you interview, sit down and analyze each one and do side by side comparisons. One candidate should pop out at you as the perfect choice for your floral needs. Once you narrow in on that one, contact them and ask that a contract be drawn up. Go over the contract with a fine toothed comb and if you are satisfied with the language, sign on the dotted line and put down the deposit they require. You now have your very own wedding florist. -Back to Wedding Guide-