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A wedding reception is an exciting event. But there is one thing that can make it that much more exciting: a live band. It has often been said that the only thing that any of your guests will remember about your wedding is your reception. If it ends up being a real dud, that will stick to you as the host for years. If it ends up being a lot of fun and exciting, you will be able to listen with pride to people talking about your reception for years. A live band can be a huge part of making it amazing. But we know what your questioning. How can you find the right live band that will make your reception memorable. A bad band can have people running for the exists. You want to avoid that at all costs. Hopefully, we can be a part of helping you find a good quality band for your special day.

What kind of music do you want played at your reception? There are numerous genres as you full well know. We suggest you look for a band that can play a number of genres that will appeal to all of your guests. Think about the wide variety of people that you have invited to your wedding. If your band only plays one type of music, you run the risk of alienating many of your guests at your reception. You also want to consider requests. If the band you hire can only play one genre of music, they may have a real problem trying to play any requests from your guests. In addition to a band that can play a variety of music, we suggest that you only consider bands that have experience playing at weddings. Experience is extremely important because it means a band has had a chance to smooth out the rough edges of preforming where a number of events have to be coordinated.

Before you can narrow your search, you will need to do some research and come up with possibilities. We suggest doing a Google search for wedding bands in the San Francisco area. If you get a chance, try to go see some local shows. As you gather names, look up their websites. Quite often, there are sample songs posted on the band's website. You will be able to read about their background and experience. As you gravitate to certain bands, take down their contact information and ask to meet with them.

Talk a lot of their experience. Also, ask about their philosophy, what do they feel is their role at a wedding reception? Make sure you talk about what volume they like to play at. While live music is truly amazing, there is a decibel level that will make the reception not as enjoyable. See if they are open to this suggestion. As you talk with them, see if they seem to have a desire to really make your wedding the best it can be or is this just a gig for them. Also, don't forget to ask if they are willing to serve as emcees to keep the events of the evening on track. Ask if this is a role that they have performed in the past. How have they handled it in previous weddings? Will they take requests? DO they require a meal and breaks?

Take a close look at the cost structure the band has put together. Most wedding bands have created wedding packages. Each package spells out a different level of service provided for a different amount of money. See if any of these packages seems right for you. Keep in mind that you won't receive many discounts for a professional band's services. It has taken many years for them to get to the point they are at. Band equipment is expensive and all of that talent is worth something. But if you get the right band, it could make for an evening that no one will ever forget. After all of your research, your mind and heart should gravitate to a band that you truly like and that you think would do a bang up job at your reception. At that point, make sure a contract is drawn up stating every detail. Go over the contract yourself and then go over it with the band to make sure there are no misunderstandings. Make sure every little thing is spelled out. Normally, you will have to put up a deposit to reserve the band for your date.

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