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Los Altos, California

Urfa Bistro

233 State St
Los Altos, CA 94022
Urfa Bistro is a fantastic restaurant that takes great pride in their heritage and the cuisine that they serve. They serve fantastic Mediterranean food such as Kurdish, Arabic, Armenian, Syrian, and Turkish cuisine. They prepare their meals with spicy ingredients that you are sure to love, and if you can't handle spices then they make sure to make alternatives of these dishes that even you can handle. They make sure to use fresh, delicious ingredients such as Raw Kibbe. They also are a big user of clarified butter which is made exclusively sheep's milk, and they are big proponents of local products and create their dishes in the same traditional way that it was made in the Turkish town of their namesake.

Charley Noodle & Grill

244 State St
Los Altos, CA 94022
The folks at Charley Noodle & Grill specialize in Ramen noodles. Yes, you read that right. You might imagine Ramen as the salty instant noodles that you survived on in college, but you will be blown away by the authentic Ramen straight fromt he Pacific. They feature hot and flavorful broth which is made with handmade noodles, as well as some spectacular, jaw dropping add in ingredients which will never cease to simply blow you away. Their seasoning is light and they are sure to let all oft he natural flavors of their ingredients shine through every time. It's all int he simplicity and the authenticity of their flavors. You never knew that ramen could be this good before!

Los Altos Grill

233 3rd St
Los Altos, CA 94022
Arguably the most popular restaurant in all of the Los Altos area, Los Altos Grill is the kind of place that you head to at least once a week. The experience there is beyond compare, offering a kitchen in the round experience, with the energy of their culinary professionals being the central focus of their dining room and bar area. You may also enjoy some beautiful patio dining, or enjoy a seat at their horseshoe shaped bar, with all of the amazing armos of a wood fired rotisserie and their delicious kitchen. They have a carefully selected menu and drink selections which are always guaranteed to surprise and delight. It's no wonder it is the most popular restaurant in all of Los Altos!


236 Central Plz
Los Altos, CA 94022
If you love delicious, authentic Japanese food then look no further than Sumika on Central Plaza. They prepare their meats on high end charcoal, and they feature some amazing entrees such as grilled organic chicken, pork, beef, seafood, and vegetable skewers. They also feature some amazing authetnic appetizers such as pork rolls and beyond, as well as a fantastic selection of drinks including sakes, beer, and wine, each of which will be sure to absolutely blow you away. They are sure to utilize all of the best, and most authentic techinques from Japan and you are sure to be extremely pleased with your experience there every single time.

First & Main Sports Lounge

397 Main St
Los Altos, CA 94022
Located in the beatiful and historic downtown Los Altos, you will love the First and Main Sports Lounge. It is the preferred spot for sports fans in the Los Altos area who are looking to enjoy a beer and a great meal while watching the game. They specialize in high quality American cuisine,a dn feature a menu with expertly crafted appetizers, crisp and tender salads, and mouth watering entrees. They also have one of the best burgers you have ever tasted in your life. With fantastic prices, a remarkable fully stocked bar with over 20 different beers and over 50 wines, and a fantastic atmosphere that you will feel right at home in, you will find that First & Main Sports Lounge will become your new favorite Sports Bar in all of Los Altos!


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