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Oakland, California

The Trappist

460 8th St
Oakland, CA 94607
The Trappist is one of the most beloved and often frequented pubs in the whole Oakland area by residents of the area. Many people in the area swear by this pub, and say that it is one of the biggest reasons that Oakland is so great. They offer some of the best beers that you have ever had before, and they will educate you about all of the beers that you are enjoying. They offer some fantastic food as well, from cheese plates to brats, each of which are absolutely delicious. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly as well. You are guaranteed to love the homely carpenter design of the interior and the fantastic ambiance at The Trappist.

Haddon Hill Cafe

504 Wesley Ave
Oakland, CA 94606
Haddon Hill Cafe is one of the most cozy and comfortable places in all of the Oakland area, with absolutely delicious coffee drinks and you will fall in love with their lattes! It is a tiny and adorable neighborhood cafe that prides themselves on the quality of their food, each of which is made with fresh ingredients that have been locally sourced whenever possible. They fresh bake all of their pastries in house and you are sure to have a great time whenever you head there. Their staff and owner are incredibly warm and inviting, and will always make you feel right at home.

Saigon Deli Sandwich

1400 14th Ave
Oakland, CA 94606
If you're looking for your new favorite lunch spot in Oakland then Saigon Deli Sandwich may be the perfect place for you. They not only specialize in some delicious, expertly crafted deli sandwiches, but they also specialize in both Banh Mis AND Tacos. Yes, you read that correctly. You would never expect a place that specializes in both Vietnamese and Mexican cuisines to get either one right, but you would be wrong. The folks at Saigon Deli Sandwich get both absolutely spot on, and you will find yourself coming here just to enjoy their Banh Mi or their Tacos, each of which are made with absolutely fresh and fantastic ingredients.


1901 San Pablo Ave
Oakland, CA 94612
The folks at Belly insist that there is nothing fancy about them. All they do is serve some of the best gourmet and delicious tacos that you have ever had before, but we would beg to differ. While they are spot on about the quality of their tacos, Belly has a very delightful, clean, and modern atmosphere that -- while it's not quite fancy, certainly doesn't exactly make you feel like you are in a dinghy dive either. The residents of Oakland absolutely lose their minds with how delicious their food is. With popular steak and egs tacos, to great pork belly tacos, you are sure to love just about any item that you get at Belly in Oakland.

Mad Oak

135 12th St
Oakland, CA 94607
The Mad Oak is a fantastic bar that offers a roof deck and an outside patio, featuring 40 delicious beers on tap, as well as a full service bar that utilizes only fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and also features pop up kitchens from around the area that serve delicious food that you are sure to absolutely love. The Mad Oak is one of the most open and inviting atmospheres in the whole Oakland area, and has distinguished itself as one of the best and most frequented bars in the whole area. Whether you are looking to enjoy a delicious craft beer or just enjoy an evening with friends, Mad Oak is a safe bet!


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